ITP Newsletter 4 – Call for submissions!


The 4th Newsletter of the International Training Programme is now taking submissions! We are asking all fellows, reps and UK partners to help put together our newsletter for 2017 – to share news, views and stories from across our global network.

This year, we are focusing on the theme of ICOM’s International Museum Day: “Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums”.

We’re expanding this theme to include not just ‘saying the unspeakable’ but ‘doing the undoable’ – times when museums have to be brave, creative and take risks.

So whether you’re displaying an object that provokes discussion, delivering a project that requires innovation and courage, or would like to share your thoughts on how museums can address current issues – be brave! We’d love to hear from you.

We welcome submissions on any or all of the topics below.

  • Being Brave, Taking Risks, 300 words, telling us how your museums are currently being brave and taking risks – whether trying out something new, inviting difficult conversations, going against the norm or addressing current issues.
  • Your Collection in Focus, 200 words, about an object in your museum/gallery that either: addresses current issues; symbolises peace/reconciliation; represents a contested history; caused your museum to ‘take a risk’ or be brave.
  • Global perspectives – “Speaking the unspeakable: how can museums address contested histories, and support processes of reconciliation?” 500 words, with your own thoughts and reflections in response to this question.
  • Your Bulletin Board, 20-50 words per submission, tell us on what is happening in your institution, i.e., gallery refurbishments, special exhibitions, community work, special events.
  • Any Moves and News, short descriptions updating us on your personal and professional news – anything from marriages, babies, awards, etc. to job changes, promotions, courses started and completed, and any information that you think the ITP network might be keen to know about.


Please include three or four good quality, high-resolution photographs with your submissions

The deadline is 20th March 2017 and please send submissions to Emma at the ITP address:

We can’t wait to read your articles!

Emma Croft

ITP Coordinator

ITP Newsletter – Call for Submissions