News from an ITP Fellow

Claire Messenger, ITP Manager

Congratulations to Davit Poghosyan (Armenia, ITP 2015), Chair of Museology at Armenian State Pedagogical University aft. Kh. Abovyan and board member of ICOM National Committee of Armenia, who has been chosen to speak at the ICOM-MPR Conference, 1-5 October 2017 in Amsterdam!


Davit Poghosyan

The conference theme will be Museums and the City: Marketing and Beyond and will look at professional communication for museums based on their unique content, specific audiences and social context and aims to consider what the specific marketing needs are for modern museums.

In Davit’s talk, entitled Expanding Museum; working in different public spaces and designing different public spaces as museums, he will look at case studies from Armenian museums and cities.  His presentation will aim to reflect how museum activities can transform different city spaces and community life.

You can find out more about the conference by following the link below:

And if any of our ITP alumni will be attending, do make sure you catch-up with Davit – he’d love to say ‘hello’.