Join the ITP Community Forum!

Written by George Peckham, International Training Programme Assistant

Introducing the ITP Community Forum!

We are very happy to announce a brand new feature to the ITP blogsite. ITP fellows and colleagues can now sign up to our community forum, to engage and interact with other members of the ITP global network.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the ITP to adapt to global restrictions on travel and physical interaction. Remaining connected to our global network online has become more important than ever. Our online sessions, increase in email communication, and social media initiatives like #ITP28 have helped us feel more connected than ever to our fellows.

We hope the ITP forum will help strengthen our community even more. It will be a place where network members can interact and participate by networking, posing questions, sharing ideas, solutions and more.

You can view the ITP Community Forum now by clicking here, but you will need to be signed up in order to write posts. Details on how to register are below. In the meantime, you can plan how you will use the ITP Community Forum and we have some suggestions:

  • Welcome and Support – go here if you have any questions or issues with using the ITP forum. Post a topic in this forum with you question or problem and someone will be able to help you. In this forum you will also find our House Rules.
  • General Discussion – A place for general discussion about the ITP. The ITP team will share updates with upcoming summer programmes or legacy projects. Fellows can share career updates.
  • ITP Meetups – If you are travelling to a place or country, you can post in this forum to ask for any ITP network members in the area to meet with them.
  • Sharing Collections and Stories – A place for all members of the network to share their museum collection and the stories they can tell. You may want to start a discussion about a particular object or museum display.
  • Calls for Collaboration – Do you need help with something you are working on? Do you have an idea for a project and want to work with others? Reach out to other members of the ITP network here!
  • Subject Specialism – Network with colleagues in your specific field of work or specialism.
  • British Museum Updates – Read news and updates from the British Museum and colleagues in the Museum’s curatorial departments
  • UK Partner Updates – Read news and update from the ITP’s UK Partner Institutions and colleagues.

When the ITP Community Forum is opened, we will be thinking about Projects. As the Community Forum will be the ITP team’s latest project, we would love you to share what projects you are working on. Get started by introducing yourself in the ‘General Discussion’ forum. Let the forum community know that you have joined the forum by creating a new topic about yourself. Start by sharing something about a project you are currently working on. What are some of the challenges of what you are working on at the moment?

You can now sign up to use the forum by following the link the our registration page. Fill out the registration form to confirm you want to join the forum. You will receive an email with your log-in details and instructions on how to use the forum when the Community Forum is officially opened:
The ITP Community Forum will be open on Tuesday 9 March 2021!