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Khadijeh Zohreh Baseri

Ministry of Cultural Heritage


Country: Iran

ITP Year: 2007


Khadijeh works for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage in Iran as a Curator and expert in the registration of works and preservation of national and international monuments.

Her current work sees her working on collections of files, documents, maps and global registration databases for gardens, aqueducts, caravanserais, buildings, rivers, forests, all to be recorded in a digital system and website.

Khadijeh previously worked as an officer at the Golestan Palace working on digitising the central archives. Previously she was an officer at the Niavaran Palace in Tehran where she assisted with the preservation and conservation of objects and archival materials including metal, glass and photographs. From 1992 – 2015 Khadijeh was based in the department of coins and seals at the National Museum of Iran, taking on positions including Curator and Keeper.

Khadijeh has worked on multiple exhibitions including Evidence for Two Hundred Thousand Years of Human-Animal Bond in the Land of Iran (2015) at the National Museum of Iran, Half a Century of German Archaeology in Iran (2016) at Museum of Tehran in partnership with Berlin Museum and, her most recent exhibition created for The Iran Heritage Foundation entitled Tanavoli: My Lions and the Lions of Iran (2017).

Khadijeh received a BA in Handicrafts from Tehran University of Art and studied for an MA in Ancient Culture and Languages at the Islamic Azad University from 2005-2007. She is currently studying for a PhD in the same field from the Islamic Azad University.

She has attended multiple international conferences such as the Museums of the golden age international scientific conference in Turkmenistan (2007); Iran and Caucasus: unity and diversity, Yerevan, Armenia (2008); Safavid trade on the strength of seals trade and craft specialization in ancient Iran in Ankara Turkey (2015); Annual ICOMON meeting at the Numismatic Museums, Athens (2018)

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme in 2007, Khadijeh was based in the Department of Coins and Medals and her partner placement was spent at the National Museum Wales.

Legacy Projects
In March 2010 Khadijeh attended the Cairo Conference Towards a global network where she presented a paper on what she had gained, both professionally and personally, from attending the ITP and her career development since the programme.

In November 2015 Khadijeh attended the ITP Mumbai Workshop Creating Museums of World Stories. The workshop was held at CSMVS Mumbai, India and was attended by many ITP fellows from different years and countries, UK partners and British Museum Colleagues.

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