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Ala Talebian

Tehran University


Country: Iran

ITP Year: 2017


Ala is currently an Architecture student, studying in Tehran University’s College of Fine Arts. She is mostly interested in fine arts especially painting, photography and art history and has participated in a few national competitions. Her studies are largely orientated around cultural heritage including monuments, sites and museums.

Ala is highly passionate about museum studies and is an ICOM member. She has volunteered in museums such as the Bundeskunsthalle in Germany and the Science and Technology Museum of Tehran.

As a volunteer at the Bundeskunsthalle, Ala had the chance to work in many different fields. She added to the database, took object dimensions and prepared them for transportation and worked on lighting. As an intern at the Science and Technology Museum Ala carried out documentation and photography of the collections.

She is passionate about communicating with people from different backgrounds and as a result is studying Italian and German as well as English and Persian.

Ala is planning to do further internships in the fields of culture and museum studies.

At the British Museum
During her time on the International Training Programme 2017, Ala was based in the Department of Coins and Medals and spent her partner placement at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Oxford.

In 2017 participants were asked to develop a proposal for an Asahi Shimbun Display – a temporary exhibition in Room 3 at the British Museum – based around a ‘spotlight’ object. Ala worked with fellow Heba Khairy (Egypt) on her exhibition proposal project, entitled The Legend of the Winged Disc: From Egypt to Iran.

Ala’s participation on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the Altajir Trust.