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Pankaj Protim Bordoloi

Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

Deputy Director

Country: India


Pankaj Protim Bordoloi is the Deputy Director, President’s Secretariat, of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Pankaj joined Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum (President House Museum) in February 2014, and he was instrumental in all aspects of establishment of the museum. Exhibition design, curation, collection research and documentation of the museum was supervised by him. He worked closely with former ICOM President Dr. Saroj Ghose, who was the Museum Adviser to the President of India.  Pankaj developed the learning and education strategy of Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum. He organized lectures, exhibitions, workshops and looks after the administration, finance and overall management of the museum. He aimed to increased visitor footfall by curating special exhibitions, community participation programmes and develop new multimedia exhibits.

Before joining Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum, he was the Deputy Curator of the Sanskriti Museums, a confluence of three museums namely Sanskriti Museum of Indian Terracotta, Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art and Sanskriti Museum of Indian Textile. He also coordinated the International Artist in Residency programme of Sanskriti Foundation. He extensively researched on Indian Popular Art & Indian Textile and also a member of the curatorial team of many exhibitions in Sanskriti.

Pankaj regularly writes about Art, heritage and history both in English and Assamese, his mother tongue. He is currently working on a research topic Electoral Politics of Modern Assam 1905-2015: Colonial and Post-Colonial Dimensions.  He is working on a project about the Art works of Thomas & William Daniel, Emily Eden and T.Hickey. Pankaj has interest in Modern Indian History, Indian popular Art, cultural heritage & Museum Education.


At the British Museum
During his time on the International Training Programme, Pankaj was based in the Asia Department and spent his partner placement at Manchester MuseumManchester Art Gallery & Whitworth Art Gallery.

Pankaj worked with Mustafa Okan Cinemre (Turkey) on his Object in Focus project, Boats: Journey of Civilisations.

Pankaj’s place on the International Training Programme was generously supported by the RA Association.


Legacy Projects

In 2020, Pankaj attended the International Training Programme’s series of online subject specialist sessions. Pankaj attended:
Circulating Artefacts: A global platform against the looting and trafficking of cultural property
Collecting COVID-19
Socio-economic Impact Assessment for Heritage: Why Do We Need to Learn This?
International copyright and artist’s rights
Setting up a Subject Specialist Network (SSN)
Outreach at Glasgow Museums – what now?
Egyptology in Lockdown: Connecting collections with isolated people