What happens next?

I imagine you’ll all be returning to work today, tomorrow or Monday (though some will be preparing for a wedding…), but what happens here at the BM after you’ve left?

In a way, work starts almost immediately on next year. We’ll be looking through your evaluation forms, but also seeking feedback from colleagues at the British Museum. On September 4th, all the partner museums will be sending people to London for a meeting to discuss how everything went – so we expect to see Melanie (Cardiff), Stephen (Manchester), Martin (Glasgow), Anthony (Lincoln) and Iain (Newcastle). The meeting will look back at the programme to see what should be changed.

Then a report will be written. This is very important for the Museum, but also to show to all those sponsors who helped fund the programme, and all the other museums we have worked with. Click here to see last year’s report: Report 2007

After that, we’ll draw up a budget for next year, and start to identify countries, museums and individuals for next summer. But as some of you know, that sometimes happens rather late.