During the summer programme, as the major project for the ITP, each participant is asked to plan and propose a display for a single ‘spotlight’ object. Drawing on their existing museum knowledge and experience and the skills learnt during the Programme, each participant selects an object from the Museum’s collection around which to design their project. Participants are encouraged to think not just about objects, concepts and interpretation, but also audiences, marketing, merchandising and events.

Over the years, the scope of the project has changed markedly. From fellows giving their proposals through PowerPoint presentation in a lecture theatre to proposals developed with the physical objects and supporting materials; from working alone to working in partnership, this project is an essential part of the ITP and always proves to be a highlight of the programme. Fellows have created new interpretations for objects already on display in the Museum, created museum trails, and single object temporary exhibitions.

Today, the Object in focus project is worked on collaboratively which provides an excellent opportunity to develop strong working relationships, enhance the ITP global network and demonstrate the benefits and challenges of working in collaboration.

Three ITP fellows stand behind a table with their Object in focus project material on display

Catalina Cavelier stands holding a poster in her left hand. With her right hand she gestures to show how the poster should be placed on a wall.

‘The idea of working around a single object that is not related to my country or culture has proved to be both challenging and interesting. It has been a good opportunity to combine my previous experience with the skills and knowledge gained throughout the programme, not only regarding curatorial or design skills, but also working collaboratively with a person you are just starting to know.’

Catalina Cavelier Adarve (Colombia, ITP 2019), Head of Intangible Heritage, Cultural Heritage Institute of Bogota.

However the project has been structured we hope you will agree that the results are dynamic, creative and clearly demonstrate the hard work, enthusiasm and imagination of our ITP global network.

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