ITP 2017: Exhibition Proposals

As with previous Summer Programmes fellows were asked to work with their departmental mentors to develop an exhibition proposal. For the first time, this year’s fellows were asked to work in pairs and present their exhibition proposal as partners. This brought a new dynamic to the project as cross-cultural conversations were created and exhibitions proposals were informed by different perspectives and professional backgrounds.

The proposals were presented at a reception on the penultimate night of the Programme, attended by supporters.

Please see the exhibition proposal titles below and follow the links to view scans of the projects presented on the night.

Exhibition titles 2017

Armenia & Egypt
Bridging Voices: Dia Al-Azzawi

Astghik Marabyan

Astghik Marabyan & Miriem Daniel Ibrahim

Myanmar & China
How to behave at court: Burma & China

Thi Thi and Chen

Thi Thi Phyo & Chen Yi

China & Nigeria
Casting civilizations: the art of bronze making in China and Nigeria

Guo Xifeng & Beimote Ngozi Eitm

Guo Xifeng & Beimote Ngozi Eitm

Egypt & Iran
The legend of the winged disc: from Egypt to Iran

Heba Khairy & Ala Talebian

Heba Khairy & Ala Talebian

Egypt & Malaysia
Royal headgear: symbolism, protection & kingship

Norhan Hassan Salem & Zulkifli Bin Ishak

Norhan Hassan Salem & Zulkifli Bin Ishak

Greece & Sudan
Trade in Action: From Mycenae to Britain and Sudan

Lena Lambrinou & Haitham Mohammed Abdurhaman Eliman

Guatemala & Palestine
Red and Blue: The Evil Eye across borders

Andrea Terron Gomez & Raneen Kiresh

Andrea Terron Gomez & Raneen Kiresh

India & Turkey
Indian Astrolabe: Beginning in time and space

Irem and Gandhimathi

Gandhimathi Janakiraman Mohana & Irem Yildiz

India & Zimbabwe
Spirits of the wild: Exploring the world of animal worship

Chithra Kallur & Fadzai Veronica Muchemwa

Indonesia & Lesotho
The Royal Touch: Basetho Blankets and Identity

Matsosane Molibeli

Hafnidar Hafnidar & Matsosane Molibeli

Malaysia & New Zealand
Transporting Identities

Mona Melling

Mona Octavia Sulai Anak Albans Melling & Tapunga Nepe

Pakistan & Sudan
Path of renunciation: clothing as a symbol of ascetic life

Qurat and Elnezeer

Qurat ul Ain & Elnzeer Tirab Abaker Haroun

The domestication of fear


Emine Nurcan Yalman