The British Museum’s International Training Programme (ITP) works to develop a sustainable global network of inspired museum and heritage professionals, through sharing knowledge, skills and experiences. While the scope and range of the ITP has grown and developed since its inception in 2006, the aims and motivations for the programme remain the same.

Creating global connections

The ITP confirms the British Museum’s commitment to working across London, the UK and abroad.

In London, the Museum’s staff and collection are made available to provide a platform for demonstrating best museum practice.

Across the UK, partner museums allow fellows to experience regional organisations with strong community programmes for local audience, and often with stronger relevance to the fellows’ own museums and audiences.

Around the world, the Museum aims to provide a forum for museum professionals from diverse institutions and backgrounds to exchange ideas and share skills which will help shape the museums of the future.

Supporting future leaders

The ITP welcomes a wide range of roles, from curators and conservators to managers and educators. Fellows are either in the early and middle stages of their careers, or in positions of influence and able to use their training to develop colleagues back home. All are passionate about international collaboration.

Through the ITP, the British Museum is committed to building a global network of colleagues crossing geographical and cultural boundaries. Working with ITP fellows provides a forum to disseminate best practice and to exchange knowledge and skills, thus helping to shape the museums of the future.