Key to the success of the International Training Programme is the inclusion of a wide range of voices that share their knowledge and expertise with each year’s cohort.

Programme partner institutions invite fellows to meet staff and explore collections or give introductions to an area of the cultural sector with particular current relevance. While individuals, specialists in their field, come to the Museum to deliver sessions and workshops that add value to, or cover areas outside the remit of, the ITP programme.

Working with institutions and individuals outside of the British Museum provides a change in dynamic to the programme and allows fellows to explore as much of the cultural sector in the UK as possible.

‘I was impressed with the positive energy in all the museums that I visited in the UK, which motivates me do what needs to be done in my country.’ – Siham Elsadig Ebdelsalam Algadi, Director, Gebel Barkal Museum, National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM), Sudan