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George Peckham, ITP Coordinator

George Peckham

Coordinator, International Training Programme

I joined the ITP team in 2019 and started as the ITP Assistant. I provided logistical and administrative support to the ITP Annual Programme and help the ITP remain connected to its partners and previous fellows through its various online spaces. I manage and maintain the ITP’s blog site and social media pages, sharing news and updates from the ITP and its network online. I have worked in redeveloping the ITP’s website, integrating new features such as e-learning and video. So far, we have created two e-learning courses from the 2021 and 2022 annual programmes. I built the courses on our website, recorded the e-learning videos and assisted in editing them.

I have also managed the organising and running of the ITP’s Online Subject Specialist Sessions. These are a series of online events, workshops and discussions given by ITP fellows, British Museum staff and network partners.

I have a BA in History from Queen Mary, University of London. My passion for history and the museum sector has remained broad, but while at university the focus of my studies centred on societal changes in the United States of America in the immediate decades following the American Civil War.

Before joining the ITP team, I worked in the Events and Conferencing departments at the British Museum. In my position as a Steward, I assisted with the organising and delivery of events and conferences hosted by the Museum. Before joining the British Museum, I gained some short-term experiences working for a number of online businesses. I held positions in Digital Marketing and Content Writing before finding a place on the ITP team.

In 2023 I began working as the ITP Coordinator and organised the 2023 Annual Programme.

Twitter: @George_ITP