ITP 2016- Exhibition Proposals

Rebecca Horton, International Training Programme Assistant

ITP 2016- Exhibition Proposals

Congratulations to all of the 2016 fellows who worked hard on their exhibition proposals at the British Museum this summer.

Proposals were presented on the penultimate night of the ITP Summer Programme. It was a wonderful evening, attended by British Museum staff, UK partner staff and sponsors, and was enjoyed by all.

International Training Programme 2016

2016 ITP Fellows from Egypt, Sudan, Malaysia and India at the Supporter’s Reception

Below are the names of each of the fellows and their exhibition proposal titles, with links to the proposals themselves. Each of these proposals were accompanied by an object; many were also presented with music, videos, a diorama, and even incense to taste.

Please enjoy taking a look at presentations below…

Exhibition titles 2016


Ink stone: journey to the world of Literati, Wanghuan Shi

The art of fire and metal: coin casting technology in ancient China, Xiangwei Meng



A living monument: ruins of the Diocletian’s palace, today, Ana Sverko

Power and the meaning of the fragment, Barabara Vujanović



Hunting for eternity, Ahmed Mohamed Hermida

Drumming up people, Azza El Said Rezk Abd El Maqsoud

Play like an Egyptian, Sayed Abuelfadl Othman Ahmed

Tones of the past, Shreen Mohamed Amin





Exploring the beauty of the Lysikrates Monument, Yolanda Theodoropoulou



International Training Programme 2016


Ajanta: shifting perspectives, Vaidehi Savnal

Rath Yatra: the cosmic journey of Lord Jagannath, Ruchira Verma



What can we do with sand? Glass in all its forms, Marie-Antoinette Gemayel



Sacred ink: connecting heaven and earth in Borneo, Dora Jok

An Ottoman flower garden, Rashidah Salim


International Training Programme 2016



Buddha in Stone: Continuity and Tradition, Noor Khan



General Views: From Bethany to al-Eizariya, Yara Abbas


South Africa

Not only for its aesthetics: uncovering the South African Xhosa snuff box, Motsane Getrude Seabela

Customs in South Africa: a significance of totemism to kin group, Ntombovuyo Tywakadi


International Training Programme 2016



A wooden bed leg from ancient Nubia, Ikhlass Alyas Ali Alkrm



Richard Worsley’s great books of Antiquity, Leyla Zoroğlu



Smelling aromatic smoke: treasures of Ancient South Arabia, Saeed Ubuid Bayashoot


International Training Programme 2016