Each year fellows are asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition, drawing on their existing museum experience and the skills learnt during the programme. This year fellows designed their Object in focus exhibition around an object selected by their mentors from the Museum’s collection, working within the theme of journeys. Fellows were asked to work with their UK partner museum placement groups to work with an object from outside their areas of expertise.

Working on a project proposal together provided an excellent opportunity to develop strong working relationships, enhancing the ITP global network and demonstrating the benefits and challenges of working collaboratively.

The exhibition proposal project always proves to be a highlight of the programme. It clearly demonstrates the work and imagination that goes into all the participants’ proposals and the Reception is an opportunity for our participants to share their ideas. This year each group gave a short video interview about their project which will be compiled into a short film and shared with ITP supporters and the global network.

Due to Covid-19 guidelines, the usual Supporters’ Reception wasn’t possible this year so the decision was made to film the fellows and their projects instead. This created a wonderful opportunity for the participants to share their ideas more widely and provide a lasting tribute to the work and creativity that went into every proposal.

Exhibition titles 2021

North Macedonia, Sudan & Tajikistan
Beyond Belief: journey of the rain animals
Aleksandra Chevreska, Nosiba Mahgoub Osman Ali and Durakhshona Boboeva

Ghana, India & Turkey
Journey to the West
William Nsuiban Gmayi, Siddhant Shah and Emrah Kahraman

Greece, Iran and Uzbekistan
Message not in a bottle: Coins as markers of a lifelong journey
Meropi Ziogana, Salah Salimi, Uktamali Ravshanov

Nigeria, Palestine and Rapa Nui
Deciphering the Ba-Bird
Osaru Obasaki, Haneen Mukho and Mario Taki

Cambodia and Sudan
Phoenician bowl: from the Red Sea to Italy
Sanpiseth Kim and Siham Algadi

Bhutan and Cambodia
Bosphorus boat crossings: Turkish shadow puppet journeys
Choki Tshomo and Sopheara Chap