Looking Back at Object in Focus Proposals 2019

For a special edition of ITP Throwback Thursdays, we are looking back at the Object in focus project proposals from the 2019 Summer Programme.

Each year ITP summer programme fellows are asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition, drawing on their existing museum experience and the skills learnt during the programme.

Fellows selected an object from the Museum’s collection around which to design their Object in focus exhibition and worked within the theme of journeys. Fellows were asked to work in partnership with a colleague from another country, and together to work with an object from outside of their areas of expertise. These developments encouraged fellows to think not just about methods of research and the history of the object, but also about concepts, interpretation, audiences, marketing, merchandising and events.

Working on the project proposal together provided yet another excellent opportunity to develop strong working relationships. It demonstrated the benefits and challenges of working collaboratively and will enhance the ITP global network. The exhibition proposal project always proves to be a highlight of the programme. It clearly demonstrates the work and imagination that goes into all the fellows’ proposals and the Supporters Reception is an opportunity for our participants to share their ideas. Please find each pairs’ Object in focus project below.

Colombia and Uzbekistan

Eternal Provisions of for the Soul: Celebrating life in Ancient Egypt
Catalina Cavelier Adarve and Alsu Akhmetzyanova

Turkey, Kurdistan and Sudan

Journey Towards Belief
Buket Babataş Aydin, Nyaz Azeez Awmar and Abdulrahman Sedeeg Adam Sharaf

Philippines and Sudan

Life After Death: Treasures from the Royal Tomb of Ur
Aprille Tijam and Diana Digna

Romania and Georgia

The Never Ending Journey of Life
Ciprian-Mircea Dobra and Ketevan Chitashvili

Turkey and China

The Journey of the Zande Pot
Asuman Alpagut and Ye Ye

Ghana and Iraq

The Odyssey: An Encounter With Peace
Elizabeth Asafo-Adjei and Tamara Alateya

Palestine and Myanmar

Turkmen Textile Journeys: Between identity and history
Balqees Nakhla and Khine Mon Kyaw

Ghana and India

Lion’s Journey
Jacob Nii Marley and Vishi Upadhyay

Romania and Ghana

Shāhanshāh: money talks
Ioan Oprea and Benedicta Gokah

China and Egypt

Journey of Body & Soul: Ideals and realities in Burmese silver
Jasmine Yue Qiao and Yasser Abdelrady

Egypt and Sri Lanka

Spiritual Journey
Nagwa Bakr and Sanjeewani Widyarathne