ITP 2015 – Room 3 Proposals!

I’m sure you’re all eager to learn about what our 2015 ITP participants got up to during their time in the UK – especially with their Room 3 exhibition proposals. It’s truly wonderful to see all the creativity, passion and effort that goes into the proposals each year, and this year’s Supporters reception saw some great ideas and concepts come to life.

From teapots to tablets, from conservation to education, our participants were able to share their specialisms and expertise to BM staff, sponsors and other invited guests.

It was a wonderful evening and our thanks go to all those who helped participants prepare their objects, set up displays, and organise set-up – and also to the catering and wait staff!

You can take a look at the proposals below and please feel free to share your thoughts and observations in the comments!

Frog Conversation: Through the Ages, Davit Poghosyan, Armenia

Incomplete Beauty: Exotic Hong from China Jingdezhen 18th Century, Olivia Zheng Xuan, China

Involved by Literati: Changes of the Yixing Teapot, Liu Shuzheng, China

Door Guards: Chinese Traditional New Year Paintings , Li Lan, China

The Light Matters: Caring for Ancient Paintings, Huan Zhang, China

Daily Life in the Forbidden City: Falangcai Bowl with Peonies, Chenchen Hou, China

Craftsmanship in Ancient China: Lacquer wine cup cradled in Han Empire, Xuejing Dai, China

Huan Zhang (China) discussing his Room 3 Proposal with Adrian Doyle, Preventive Conservator

Huan Zhang discussing his proposal with Adrian Doyle, Preventive Conservator

280 Days of Excuses: Work excused absence in Ancient Egypt , Wesam Mohamed Abd-El-Alim, Egypt

Wrestling In Ancient Egypt , Fatma Ali Abbas, Egypt

Shaping Lives: Mud brick craft in Ancient Egypt, Mohamed Mokhtar, Egypt

The Gillierons at Knossos: Visions of Painted Minoan Crete, Esther Solomon, Greece

Sakyamuni Buddha: The Icon of Gandhara, Bilwa Kulkarni, India

Cartier and The Maharajas: a unique fusion of East and West, Vasundhra Sangwan, India

04-09-2015 16.10.45

Vasundhra Sangwan sharing her ideas with guests

The Iranian Lion and Sun: a symbol of identity and eternity, Sharareh Farokhnia, Iran

Small Objects Narrating a Great Story: Cylinder Seal from Mesopotamia , Bahra Salh Abdulrahman, Kurdistan

KENYALANG: The Wooden Hornbill, Dayang Morzanah Awang Haddy, Malaysia

Culture and Conflict: the Woven Narrative of the Afghan War Rug, Zarmeene Shah, Pakistan

Palestinian Children are Stronger than Occupation, Saad Amira, Palestine

The Babylonian Map of the World, Abdulaziz Al Amri, Saudi Arabia

04-09-2015 16.11.15

Abdulaziz Al Amri and Vesta Curtis, curator, discussing the Room 3 proposal

The Potters’ Craft: Handmade Ceramics from Ancient Sudan, Amal Attia Alla Gaber Abdalla, Omima Abd el- Rahman, Sudan

Golden Chariot: The Oxus Treasure , Jomi Davlatov, Tajikistan

William Pars’ Ephesus: An 18th Century Drawing and a World Heritage Site, Ebru Esra Satici, Turkey

Between East and West: Mobility, Interaction and Authority in the Ancient World, Tugba Tanyeri Erdemir, Turkey


Tugba Tanyeri Erdemir and Nigel Tallis, curator