ITP 2011: Exhibition Proposal Project

The participants were asked to develop a proposal for a small temporary exhibition for a space similar to Room 3 at the British Museum. Using knowledge of their own cultures and recent experiences from the International Training Programme, the participants presented an exhibition concept inspired by British Museum objects. You can view the presentations by checking on the titles below.

Victor Michael Obodom (National Museum Calabar, Nigeria)
Fashion in Nigeria

Joyee Roy (Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata)
Fish – A Universal Icon of World Cultures

Hagar Ahmed Mohamed (Luxor Museum)
A fairy tale

Xu Yin (Art Exhibitions China)
Next Station China: The Trade Express Between Europe and the Orient

Falah Abdulhadi Abed Al-Jibawi (Babylon Site Museum)
Handing archaeological objects – from the field to the museum

Meltem Yasdag (General Directorate of Culture Heritage and Museums, Turkey)
Persephone: The daughter of Knidus

Jana Al-Araj (Birzeit University), Aya Kirresh (Birzeit University) & Rasha Ali Attia Abd El-Mageid (National Museum, Alexandria)
Zoning Out

Gao Cui (National Museum of China)
The Chinese New Year Envelope

Doaa Abd el-Sattar Kamel Osman (Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo)
The Golden Age of the Mamluks

Chen Chun (Hubei Provincial Museum)
Chinese Lacquer from the 4th century BC to the 2nd century AD in the British Museum

Farhad Sediqy (National Museum of Afghanistan)
Crossroads of the ancient world

Manisha Abhay Nene (CSMVS, Mumbia)
Visions of Ganesha

Sahara Dahir Ibrahim (Nairobi National Museum)
Wedding unlocks Somali culture

Levent Boz (General Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Museums, Turkey) & Francisco Silva Noelli (State University of Maringa)
Same purpose, different approaches – social uses of tea in England, Turkey and Brazil

Dikko Idris (National Museum, Gidan Makama, Nigeria) & Fabiola Andrea Silva (Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Sao Paolo)
Tracing roots – the cultural relations between Africa and Brazil