ITP 2011 Diary: Farhad Sediqy

On 25 of July 2011 at nine clock all the ITP participants went to the Blythe Road collections storage and we visited the textiles and other artifacts of the British museum over there. Marta Mroczek, registration manager, and Marianne Eve, senior museum assistant, talked about their work and their responsibilities. We saw the artifacts and textiles of the British Museum and we learned about the culture of different countries and nations which was very informative for us. We came back at one o’clock to the British Museum and had lunch at the studio, where we talked about our last projects which we were presenting on the 28 of July.

After the lunch we had a very EFFECTIVE program – first we had a presentation which was presented by Evan York, Senior Museum Assistant. He spoke about the works and responsibilities of the MA at the British museum and after that we had practical work. We divided into four groups and we did practical work about preparing labels for the showcases of galleries, the design of artifacts for galleries, conservation research about insects and preparing the condition report of objects.

I want to thank Claire , Neal Spencer, Shezza Edris and all the organizers of the ITP program for organizing this very important,valuable and useful program for us, where we learned so much about different aspects of museums and history from both the British museum and other partner museums. Meanwhile we also experienced the cultures from different countries, their works and their museums artifacts.

Farhad Sediqy, National Museum Afghanistan