ITP 2012: Exhibition Proposal Project

The participants were asked to develop a proposal for a small temporary exhibition based on an object or group of objects in the British Museum’s collection. The participants drew on their own interests, cultures and recent experiences of the International Training Programme at the British Museum and other UK museums. On the last day of the 2012 ITP, they presented their exhibition ideas to their fellow participants, staff from the BM and Partnership UK museums and some of the ITP sponsors.

You can view their interesting and varied presentations by clicking on the titles below.

‘Continuing Tradition’
Rajeshwari Shah (Independent Researcher and Curator, New Delhi, India)
Asad Hayee (Curator, Rohtas 2 Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan)

‘The Messages in African Textiles’
Saadu Hashim Rashid (Head of Public Programmes, Coast Fort Jesus World Heritage Site, Mombasa, Kenya)

Ayman Al-Shweiki (Student, Birzeit University Volunteer, Birzeit University Museum, Palestine)

‘Balance It Out’
Lina Abdel-Kader (Student of Architecture and Archaeology, Birzeit University, Palestine)
Nathalie El Alam (MA student of Museology and Conservation Techniques, Lebanese University, Beirut)
Ren Zhuo (Head of Exhibition Department, Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, China)

‘Measure the Time’
Abdel Rehim Hanafy (Curator, Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo, Egypt)

Makbule Ekici (Research Assistant, Selçuk University, Department of Archaeology, Konya, Turkey)

‘Bad News, Good Gods’
Dai Penglun (Project Assistant, Arts Exhibition China, Beijing)
Alejandro Gonzalez Villarruel (Deputy Director, National Museum of Anthropology, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico City, Mexico)

‘Sudanese Beads’
Huda Magzoub Elbashir (Curator, Sudan National Museum, Khartoum)

‘Mithras: Cult and Mysteries’
Shambwaditya Ghosh (Archivist, EKA Cultural Resources & Research, New Delhi, India)

Hind Younes (MA student of Museology and Conservation Techniques, Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon)

‘Sex in the Museum’
Halah Mohammed Abbas (Archaeologist, Iraq National Museum, Baghdad)
Akram Ijla (Director General, The Palestinian Department of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Rammallah, Palestine)

‘Nursing Mothers: A Visual Guide from Ancient Egypt’
Nevine Zakaria (Egyptologist Text Writing Team, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza, Egypt)

‘The Game with Many Names’
Paul Michael (Museum Education Officer, The National Museum of Tanzania, Mwalimu J K Nyerere Museum)
Ishaq Mohammad Bello (Principal Technical Officer (Education), National Museum Kaduna, Nigeria)

‘All about one deity’
Ma Shengnan (Associate Reseracher, Department of Court History, Palace Museum, Beijing, China)

‘Ba Houses in Ancient Egypt’
Marwa Razek Mahmoud (Associate Registrar for Movements, The Registration, Collections Management and Documentation Department, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo)

‘Nigerian Pottery and its Significance’
Eunice Barminas (Assistant Chief Museum Education Officer, National Museum Jos, Nigeria)

‘Olympic Heroes’
Salem Masoud (Department of Archaeology, The Museum of Libya, Tripoli)
Saleh Mahmoud (Archaeologist, Department of Antiquities, Benghazi, Libya)