A post from Newcastle

I got to do the really nice bits – taking our guests out in the evening!
We managed to sample a multicultural range of food with Italian, ‘bistro style’, Chinese and Spanish – just goes to show that Newcastle is not all ham and pease pudding sandwiches (in case anyone’s not sure pease pudding is a ‘paste’ made from boiled yellow peas or lentils and is very delicious). Everyone had a really good time and we had some laughs including me trying to describe the taste of coriander (the word wasn’t in the English-Mandarin dictionary!). The best I could come up with was lemony/mint and then I tried to draw the leaf on a paper serviette (unsuccessfully) – if anyone can think of a better description of the taste let me know!
 We also had some really good museological dicussions – one great one was about what you think is the most important thing for a musuem to do – there were some different opinions and perhaps we could repeat the discussion on the blog?



Iain Watson

Assistant Director

Senior Management

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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