Moctezuma 24th September 2009 – 24th January 2010

Turquoise MaskContinuing the series of exhibitions on world rulers, this new major exhibition explores the Mexica civilisation (the peoples also known as the Aztec) through the divine, military and political role of their last elected, but semi-divine ruler, Moctezuma II ( he reigned AD 1502–1520). The exhibition covers the creation of the Mexica from the roots of the Toltec peoples, reign of Moctezuma, Mexica life and religion, the arrival of the Spaniards, and the subsequent fall of the empire.

An overview of the exhibition and a video can be found by clicking here. Previews in the press can be found through this link. 

Related events and exhibitions include the Day of the Dead, on November 1st, and Revolution on paper: Mexican prints 1910–1960, which will run from 22 October 2009 until 5th April 2010.