Let’s try www.plaxo.com

A hello from a very snowy London to everyone! The holidays are over and we’re back to work.

It seems that some of us are having problems with Facebook. If you’re having problems too, don’t worry, hopefully sooner or later the problems will disappear and we can keep using it for keeping in touch with each other.

In the meanwhile, Abdulmecit, Haytham and Zhan have invited me to join www.plaxo.com and I have created this profile for the training programme http://bmtrainingprog.myplaxo.com

This is what it looks like:

It would be great if you could all contribute to this and let’s see if we can use this as an alternative way to keep in touch!

The International Training Programme is also on Twitter, and you can find us at  http://twitter.com/BMITP and the comments posted here also appear on this blog and on http://bmtrainingprog.myplaxo.com