“My Experience at the British Museum” by Haytham Deik, Palestine

My Experience at the British Museum had expanded my knowledge, more towards Museum Studies and Archaeology. The experience which I gained from the BM during the ICTP 2009 had helped me a lot in my studies.

During my last semester 2009/2010, I was able to write a first research paper of its kind in Palestine. The paper was about, The Palestinian Archaeological Museum (The Rockefeller Museum). The idea of writing this hard worked paper, came basically from the British Museum Curatorial Program. As through the courses and seminars at the BM, I was able to write this paper in comparison of Archaeology and Museum Studies field.

And also I was able, to work on the Current Situation of Palestinian Museums, which was rarely done before. The Experience at the BM had opened my eyes, towards Museum Studies, and the studying of Museums in combination with historical Artifacts. I would like to thank the BM for giving me the opportunity of participating in this widely experience. And to thank every person and organization, who helped sponsoring this huge program.

Otherwise , I would like to show you all some photos of my university , Birzeit University from its different buildings and daily student life in it.

Haytham Deik