How to be the first , who knows the newsest news in archaeology ?

Dear all ,

I’m sure everyone here , wish to be up to date with everything new in archaeology. (New findings , New News , New Excavations …etc)

Today i have brought to you , a very easy way that makes you up to date with every news thing in archaeology.

Simply you need first to open a blank page in your internet browser (Internet Explorer , Firefox , Google Chrome …etc)

Then you need to enter this address

As its shown in the next picture     ————–>>

Second when you put this address , press enter and then you will have this page above :

<<———– Simply here , you need to click subscribe (where is the yellow high highlighting ) , enter it and then you will get the BBC News Box (for archaeology) in your web toolbar , you just need to click on it and see  every recent news in archaeology … 🙂  As its shown in the picture above :

P:S …All pictures are with the usegae of Firefox web browser 3.5.9 (web browser) , am sure you won’t have porblems if you used another web browser , its all in the system, but if you had a real bad luck in using this application , then contact me and i’ll help u 😀

Best Regards and Best Wishes too

Haytham Deik