ITP 2010: underway

We’ve just reached the end of the first week of this year’s programme. Eighteen specialists are here in London, from China, India, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Palestine, Iraq, the UAE and Turkey. We’re hoping that seven more will be arriving soon, including from Iran and Nigeria, after some delays with visas.

The first week has been typically busy – everyone gave presentations on their own museums and work, and we then heard about the A History of the World in 100 Objects project, a collaboration between the British Museum and BBC. In addition to Department time, everyone has been on visits to Conservation, a tour of the Prehistory & Europe department, and even been up on the roof of the Museum – a first for ITP!

Visit to the Hirayama Conservation Studio for Eastern Pictorial Art (Photo: Dudley Hubbard)

Today finished with a seminar on museums and new technologies, including an awe-inspiring demonstration of the British Library’s Turning the Pages software.