Introducing the 2010 participants: Sun Yue

My name is SunYue, I work in the Department of Ancient Vessels in The Palace Museum in Beijing, China.

I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in 2004, and since then I have been working at The Palace Museum. First, I worked at The Forbidden City Publishing House as an editor, and mainly responsible for planning topics, editing and conducting interviews.

Three years later, I passed the exam for a Master’s degree at China Art Academy, majoring in Ceramic Identification.  During my Master’s degree studies, I was deeply engaged in the research of ceramic history, technology, characteristics and identification methods of ancient periods of ceramic wares of China, and specialised in study of the porcelain kilns administrated by the government in Ming and Qing dynasties.  My graduation thesis was titled Tang Ying and the official kiln in Qing Dynasty (Tang Ying was a famous ceramics-supervisor who was in charge of the official kiln.)

Now I work in the Ceramics Group in the Department of Ancient Vessels.  I am mainly responsible for the classification, sorting and cataloguing of ceramic vessels and chips which have been collected by the Museum. Besides that, I also participate in organising exhibitions presented by the Museum.