Introducing the 2010 participants: Xu Jing

My name is Xu Jing, I am from the Palace Museum in China. I am profoundly grateful to the British Museum for giving me this opportunity to work with many scholars from all over the world in the British Museum.

I graduated from Renmin University of China in 2004, with a Master’s degree in the History of the Qing Dynasty.  After graduation I went to the Palace Museum and have been working there for 6 years.

In the Palace Museum, I work in the Court History Department. My main job is making exhibitions, which includes drafting outlines, selecting exhibits, writing explanations, communicating with designers and arranging exhibits. In short, I am in charge of the content of the exhibitions.

My current project is an exhibition about the life of Chongqing Empress Dowager. She was the Qianlong Emperor’s mother and lived in the “Palace of Longevity and Health” (Shoukang Gong). This exhibition consists of two parts: displaying her life and restoring the Shoukang Gong Palace’s inner furnishings according to the archives of the Qianlong period.

Another important task I am working on is researching the Qing Court History. On October 22, 2009, the Palace Museum Research Center for Ming and Qing Court History was established, if you are interested with this field, you are welcome to join us!

I hope this summer in London will be a happy time!  Thank you very much!