Thoughts from week 1 – from new technologies to the roof

I work as an Assistant Curator at Mehrangarh Fort Museum, Jodhpur (India) –  it has been a wonderful first week here at British Museum; a lot of successful sessions with the Museum Staff, visiting storage and conservation labs. Some key moments were the Welcome Reception, Departmental sessions and the visit to the roof of the Museum which was spectacular specially to see the glass dome from the top.

The Great Court - from on top of the BM roof

The session on New Technologies was one of my favourites, I realised that a museum website can play an important role in not only informing users know about its ongoing exhibitions but also how it can create a wider interactive platform to share information on its various collection on the web.

Attending the staff breakfast every Wednesday is a wonderful opportunity to understand the museums diverse operations in the past and in future, I’m looking forward to this week’s discussion on the World Conservation and Exhibition Centre Project.

Anjan Dey