An ancient library in a modern library

The British Museum is one of the famous world museums, for ancient history and the dissemination of cultures, but also an example of how to preserve antiquities and people’s heritage – it belongs to all mankind.

I have gained many ideas, such as how to obtain and arrange display cases. What has particularly grabbed my attention  is the library of the Assyrian King Ashurbanipal in the Arched Room. This storage area is used by researchers, allowing scholars to access and translate the text, and providing the means necessary to read the cuneiform: the library is directly above the Study Room, making it easy to find appropriate sources. This method is partly used in the Iraq Museum, but after the ideas I have gained here –  in particular the library room of King Ashurbanipal – I will try to apply that in the Museum of Al-Kut after the re-opening of displays with original antiquities.

Burhan in the Arched Room, surrounded by shelves housing cuneiform tablets

Finally, we thank all the staff of the British Museum, who contributed substantially and effectively help us and our training in order to develop and increase our experience, and to raise awareness of cultural and archaeological matters from all over the world.

Burhan al-Sarray