After ITP: Rewriting labels at the Beni Suef Museum

Since I returned from London, I have been thinking about which things I can start first.  I should think I will be able to overcome any obstacles.  It means that I study any idea well from A to Z.

I started with making labels, sure we have labels for the objects but I want to make labels rich in details but also simple.

This label is for the statue of Sekhmet, and I want to make another one for it to introduce this goddess well, because she deserves it.

This statue is of the queen Hatshpsut with a new label I designed to have background information about the queen.


A statue of the pharaoh Amenemhat III, the label is in Arabic and English, but there is not anything about the king himself.


This statue is of the pharaoh Tuthmosis III, I made a new label by rearranging the old one. It starts with a name of the object, kind of stone, size, the place where it was found, its number in museum and then a description of who Tuthmosis III was, what he did, and where his tomb is.


Many thanks for you all and thanks for your interests.

Soad Fayez Mahrous.

Curator of Beni Suef Museum, Supervisor of Museum Education