The Tale of Sinuhe

Last night the British Museum hosted a performance of “The Tale of Sinuhe”, an ancient Egyptian poem.

The Tale of Sinuhe dates from around 1850BC and is considered one of the finest works of ancient Egyptian poetry.  It recounts the life story of Sinue, an exile from Egypt who finds himself in Canaan.  He becomes the son-in-law of Chief Ammunenshi and has a successful career and prestigious family in his new home, but he longs to return to his homeland and be buried in the dignified tradition of his forefathers.  He finally returns to Egypt as an old man and his wishes come true as the King grants him a beautiful tomb in the necropolis.

The performance was held in the Ancient Egyptian sculpture gallery.  It was introduced by the poem’s translator, Richard Parkinson, Curator in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, and was performed by Gary Pillai and Shobu Kapoor.

Shezza Edris