ITP 2011 diary: from Chen Chun

On June 24th, according to ITP arrangement, in the morning we visited the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research in the BM, We got a preliminary understanding to the conservation related to the materials testing, environmental monitoring, organic material examination, preventive conservation, scanning electron microscopy, radiography, pottery & stone analysis and X-ray fluorescence analysis to metal and so on.









In the afternoon, we met our first Friday Afternoon Seminar after the last day presentation, attending three presentations on visiting the Museum website & blog, how to attract the visitor via mobile device and turning pages-software for digitising and reading manuscripts & books.

Thanks all of lecturers for their excellent explanation and presentations.







Today, I am very happy to have this impressive science and technology visiting in British museum, I believe using of the science and technology for cultural heritages is a very important work of museum. The advance technology can not only expose a lot of valuable information that it is not easily discovered but also give the better conditions for the display and storage of collections, I think the common visitors would be interested to know how to cleaned, repaired, stabilised and examined the objects as well as which method and what equipment are used for conservation. It is a good suggestion that museum should give these visitors a chance for observing the process of conservation work.

Chen Chun, Hubei Provincial Museum