ITP 2011 diary: Hagar Ahmed

On the 26 january, from the morning we decided to go out to experience shopping in London. First we decided to try the bus with two levels. I used to see it in television now I can see it in real, it’s a unique experience to me. Then we decide to go to Oxford Street beacuse everybody hearing that I was coming to London from Egypt they keep telling me go to Oxford Street. When we arrived to Oxford Street I know why, it’s the shopping street.

First we decide to begin our tour in primark mall, at first we surpised when we see the hundred of people shopping in it. Then we start to dig in, not in the floor but in shopping. First we started together in shopping, after a while I couldn’t find my freinds, then I decide to contact them by telephone, we entered primark at twelve o clock, then we are finished from it at four clock , after we finished we feel as usual after shopping that we are starving. We go to have lunch, after we finish we decide to complete our tour by going to all shops in the street, before that we decide to eat ice cream and it was delicious by the way. After we start to get in the rest of shops we felt so tired, so then we decide to end our tour, we had enough shopping for one day. It was a beautiful sunny day, at last we return to Schafer House, but on the way to our accomadation we plannned when we will go for shopping again.

Hagar Ahmed, Luxor Museum