ITP 2011 diary: Dikko

Learning about the portable Antiquities Scheme

Tuesday June 28


All the ITP Participants assembled in the Museum’s Hartwell Room, the first presentation being on the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure. The second presentation was on Museum security.

In the afternoon we attended the Departmental session at the Department of Africa, Oceania and Americas where we listened to the presentation on pest management in the Museum. In fact the presentations introduced me to new ideas in the Museum Profession which I hope to apply when I return to Nigeria.

Finally,we attended a reception for the sponsors of the Programme. Each Department displayed an object to the invited guests, and spoke about the stories and histories of these objects.

At the Patrons Reception, Dikko and Victor with guest discussing Nigerian mask.

Dikko Idris, National Museum, Gidan Makama, Kano, Nigeria .