ITP 2011 diary: Joyee Roy

30th June, 2011
Yesterday Manisha & I went to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery with Ainsley Cameron, Project Curator, Tabor Foundation, South Asian Department. We reached the museum at 12p.m. It is a beautiful museum with 40 galleries of glass & oil paintings, sculptures, jewelleries, metal works, ethonographic artefacts, decorative glass items and many more. The architechture of this museum is awesome. Their display system is also very good, innovative and visitor friendly. We learnt a lot after spending the whole day there.
1st July, 2011
Today we went to British Library. What a beautiful experience it was! We saw their collection of 700 million books with storage systems situated in the basement,vast reading rooms, the procedure of lending  books – how one can do requisition through online and after only between 70 minutes the books will arrive through totally computerised systems. It is amazing. After that we saw the conservation process done in the laboratory of British Library.  

In the afternoon we had lunch in the Dept. of Ancient Egypt & Sudan. Then Daniel  Antoine, Curator, Bioarchaeology, delivered a presentation on Human Remains at the British Museum.
Then there was a tour of Dept. of coins & medals.
After that there was a Seminar on Museum Fundraising and Events by Aimme Barnett, British Museum; Phillippa Ouvry, V & A; Brian Oldman, British Museum. 
We had learnt & experienced a lot during our stay here. 
Joyee Roy, Senior Technical Assistant (Assistant Curator), Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata