ITP Diary 2011: Farhad Sediqy

On the morning of the fifth of July 2011 all of us ITP participants went to the British Museum and participated in the different programmes scheduled for us. The first programme was a presentation by Mr. Richard Woff, Head of Schools and Young Audiences, Department of Learning, Volunteers and Audiences which was very useful for us, especially for me because in my home institution we want to implement a program that invites the students and their families, to demonstrate the value of museums in society and teach them human history and their past.

The second presentation which presented by  Katy Boaler, Volunteer Advisor, Department of Learning ,Volunteers and Audiences. She talked about the works and responsibilities of the volunteers of the British museum. The presentations introduced me to new ideas in the Museum which I will discuss with my colleauges when I return to my country.

We then visited a number of the galleries in the British museum with guides who spoke about their works and their responsibilities. This was very informative and useful for me. After the galleries tour we went to lunch, and in the afternoon programme we had a departmental session. The curator of the Middle East department Mr. John Simpson talked to us about the works and responsibility of curators in the British museum.

Farhad Sediqy, Curator of Numismatics, National Museum of Afghanistan