ITP Diary 2011: Victor Obodom

It is a pleasure to participate in the ongoing International Training Programme at the British museum. Since the commencement of the programme, the experiences and activities from the museum have included lectures, modes of acquisition, the documentation of objects, conservation, strategies, photography, exhibition techniques and the storage of objects. This has widened and reshaped my focus on preservation and conservation.

The ITP programme has really nurtured and provided me with the knowledge in applying practical methodology that is considered paramount in preservation, exhibition techniques and management of collections. My experience from the ITP will be of immense help to improve my productivity and in the training of museum staff when I go back to Nigeria. I could correct and bring some changes in our storage of collections and exhibitions of objects in the galleries at Calabar museum. Also, I could bring new ideas to conservation on zoology, helping to protect our endangered species from extinction.

Kew Gardens

Victor Obodom, Calabar Museum, Nigeria