ITP Diary 2011: Fabíola Andréa Silva

Sunday 17 July

Today my colleague Aya and I planned to visit the Glasgow Cathedral and Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, but the rain disrupted our plans. We decided to take advantage of the rainy day by shopping and tasting delicious foods. 

The days had been calm in Glasgow, visiting museums and the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre where we interacted with the collection, conservation workshops and administration staff. They develop interesting proposals in Glasgow Museums such as the Open Museum for different communities, the New Enlightenment Center for teens and the Storage Accessible with special programs for children and adults. Tomorrow we will visit the Edinburgh Zoo and the Botanical Garden and the National Museum of Scotland. On Tuesday we will visit the Riverside Museum and the Burrell Collection and then prepare our return to London.

I miss you all, especially Francisco, of course! I’ll see you all in London !!!!

Fabíola Andréa Silva, Curator of the Brazilian Ethnographic Collections, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, São Paulo, Brazil