ITP 2011 Diary: Hager Ahmed

Hello everyone, I am talking to you today from Newcastle. It is a big city in the north east of the UK. I want to tell you that i am really enjoying every day while I am here. We met here very nice freindly people. They are caring, and all time keep asking about every person. We have a really wonderful time here.

I will talk to you today about the highlights of my trip. We went to arebia, it is an old roman fort. We visited the museum there and we had a really good time. We went also to Hadrians wall, it is an old roman wall and we visited the museum on the site. We saw the plantiurium in hancook museum. It is a really big educational museum, they use techonolgy to help visitors understand the objects. So I am inviting you to visit Newcastle beacuse you will really enjoy it.

Hager Ahmed, Luxor Museum