Fabíola Andréa Silva: After the ITP 2011, the return to routine at the University of São Paulo (USP)

The intense 40 days of the International Training Programme in the British Museum were a sort of holiday for me. Saturday, July 29, I arrived in Brazil and Monday was back to the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology – MAE USP, returning to my activities as a professor, researcher and head of the graduate program.

I am preparing a detailed report of activities from ITP, to give an account of my departure from Brazil. This material will serve to prepare presentations to the staff of the MAE. I also intend to present these elsewhere when the opportunity arises.

Now I’m giving my annual course for undergraduates on “Ethnology and Material Culture”. In a few days I start my course for other graduate students on “Ethnoarchaeology”. Between 17 and 20 August I will go to a meeting on Archaeological Heritage in the State of Maranhão, where I will present a lecture on “Archaeology and Archaeological Heritage Management: The archaeological theory and the role of the archaeologist”. In September, I will go to the Congress of the Brazilian Society of Archaeology, where I present my research on indigenous land in the Amazon. In September I will release another book, organized in partnership with two colleagues, titled Xikrin – Uma Coleção Etnográfica (Xikrin  An Ethnographic Collection). In November I will organize the seminar: “Technology, Arts and Heritage in the Amazon:  critical approaches to knowledge acquisition and transformation,” which will bring together researchers from Brazil and abroad.