August in Palestine: Jana Alaraj

Hello everyone 😀

I miss you all so much, Claire, Neal, Shezza, and the ITP participants. First I would like to say Happy Eid for all the Muslims and hope you enjoyed it all with your beloved ones around you , as I did 😀

Secondly, I would like to tell you about my August and what I did after I came back home, So The first few days home I still couldn’t believe I am home, and I was telling everyone how amazing the trip to the UK , the ITP, the new things I have learned and seen, the new people I have met, the different cultures I have seen, and learned from. I came back with full of positive thoughts, more fresh, happy, excited, and full of energy to work and be more productive person and am smiling more than ever 😀 😀 …. 

And every day I wake up, I wish I find myself waking up to go to another session in the BM.  Also in August I have started my training in an architectural company, and Ramadan started, so there hasn’t been so much work and it was too hot also. I have been also working on some ideas that I have been influenced and learned from the ITP that fits our Palestinian society and resources, that can me implemented in some sites in Palestine, and in the new museums that are going to open, but I am still waiting for my teacher to come back to Palestine and meet with him so we can discuss my ideas. So that’s all for my august 😉 hope u had a great time in it and you all came back with full energy


All best wishes to everyone <3

Jana 😀