Aya Kirresh: My activities since the ITP

Wow! It has been 2 months now since we left London. These 40 days were once in a life time chance to meet new cultures absorb new Ideas and best of all learn from this experience. Since I got back to Palestine, I started another training for 30 days in an engineering office in Jerusalem, you might say it was the busiest summer of all 🙂 . During August, I gave a presentation about the ITP 2011 experience and what I learned and what new ideas can be applied to Birzeit University Ethnographic and Art Museum.

Now I and my supervisor are working on the conservation and storage of our collections enhancing the system and the facilities. As well since June we had two Exhibition openings first was “Beyond Aesthetics” which you can see virtually on this link http://3dvm.virtualgallery.birzeit.edu/ , and the current exhibition “Framed Unframed” you can read about it on our website http://virtualgallery.birzeit.edu/ . Within the coming weeks there is another opening for another Exhibition “Between Ebal and Gerzim” which is about Nablus City and everything in it from culture tradition…etc and how artists interpret these subjects https://ritaj.birzeit.edu/bzu-msgs/msg?mid=339850 .

Not to forget to mention that now I’m working on my graduation project “redesigning Qalqilya Zoo” which also includes a redesign of the current Natural History Museum of the zoo, and having learned a lot from the ITP programme is going to help me in managing and redesigning the facility to met up the standards of the best.

The Qalqilya zoo Natural History Museum

Claire, Shezza, Neal, Liberty and Mohammad, All the ITP participants, My Friends, miss you all and hope to see you again in the future. Wish you all the best.

Aya Kirresh

Birzeit University, Palestine