Art Fund Prize longlist

We would like to congratulate two of our UK partner museums for making it onto the ArtFund Prize longlist.  There are 10 museums in the running to win the £100,000 Art Fund Prize for 2012, including M Shed, Bristol and Riverside Museum, Glasgow.

A single award of £100,000 is presented to a museum or gallery whose entry, in the opinion of the judges, best meets the Prize criteria through a project completed or mainly undertaken in the previous calendar year.  The purpose of The Art Fund Prize for museums and galleries is to recognise and stimulate originality and excellence in museums and galleries in the UK, and increase public appreciation and enjoyment of all they have to offer.  


Aya Kirresh at the Riverside Museum during ITP 2011.

ITP 2011 participants exploring the aerial view of Bristol at M Shed.








For those of you who have visited these museums, you can tell the judges why your favourite museum deserves to win.  Click on this link to leave your comments.

Glasgow Museums have been a part of the ITP programme since 2007, and Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives since 2010.  We wish them the best in their nominations and congratulate them both on the immense work that went into the opening of these new museums!