ITP 2012 Participants

We have now confirmed the 26 participants attending this year’s International Training Programme, which will take place from June 13th to July 21st 2012.

Please join us in welcoming this summer’s participants:


Dai Penglun, Arts Exhibition China, Beijing

Ma Shengnan, Court History Department, The Palace Museum, Beijing

Ren Zhuo, Vice Head of Exhibitions Department, Sichuan Museum


Marwa Abdel Razek Mahmoud Badr El Din, Associate Registrar for Movements, The Registration, Collections Management and Documentation Department, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Abdel Rehim Hanafy Abdel Rehim Mousa, Curator, Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo

Nevine Nizar Zakaria, Egyptologist, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo


Shambwaditya Ghosh, Archivist, EKA Cultural Resources and Research, New Delhi

Rajeshwari Shah, Independent Researcher and Curator, New Delhi


Halah Mohammed Abbas Al-Badrawi, Archaeologist, Iraq National Museum, Baghdad


Saadu Hashim Rashid, Head, Public Programmes, Coast, Fort Jesus World Heritage Site, Mombasa


Nathalie El Alam, Master’s student of Museology and Conservation Techniques, Lebanese University, Beirut

Hind Younes, Archaeologist, Master’s student of Museology and Conservation Techniques, Lebanese University, Beirut


Saleh Mahmoud, Prospector, Department of Archaeology, Benghazi

Salem Masoud, Human Resource Manager, Department of Archaeology, Museum of Libya, Tripoli


Alejandro Alfredo González Villarruel, Deputy Director, National Museum of     Anthropology, Mexico City


Eunice Barminas, Assistant Chief Museum Education Officer, National Museum Jos

Ishaq Mohammad Bello, Principal Technical Officer (Education), National Museum Kaduna


Asad Hayee, Curator at the Rohtas2 Gallery, Lahore


Lina Abdel-Kader, Birzeit University, Architecture and Archaeology

Ayman Al-Shweiki, Birzeit University, Business.  Volunteer at the Birzeit University Museum

Akram M. Ijla, Director General, The Palestinian Department of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities


Ahmed Ibrahim el-Arabi, Curator, Nyala Museum

Huda Magzoub Elbashir, Curator, Sudan National Museum, Khartoum


Paul Michael, Museum Education Officer, National Museum of Tanzania, Mwalimu J K Nyerere Museum


Makbule Ekici, Research Assistant, Department of Archaeology, Selçuk University

Esengül Yildiz Öztekin, Archaeologist, Marmaris Archaeology Museum