ITP 2012: Day 4 – Abdel Rehim Hanafy

I talk about the first day in the city of Cardiff, I visited the National Museum Wales with my colleagues and Melanie Youngs and Judith Ingram who gave us an introduction about it , then Maria gave us an introduction about the ITP and everyone of the participants gave presentation about their work. And then we had the lunch with the staff in the Museum. During the tour in the Museum, I found an interesting special room for children we have not like this room in The Museum of Islamic Art until now, and I found also this box from glass to collect the money to develop the collections, improve facilities and expand the exhibitions .

The second day we visited the department prehistory, drawing room, storage and documentation and talked with the staff there. The third day the taxi took us to the National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon, we met Victoria Le Poidevin who explained the Museum and I found also special room for children. And then Victoria invited us to have lunch in the restaurant.

Then we visited the fortress baths and I found how to use the technology to explain the baths.

Finally, we visited the Roman Amphitheatre and come back to the accommodation.

Abdel Rehim Hanafy, Curator at the Museum of Islamic Art