ITP 2012: Day 7 – Salem Masoud

On Wednesday, 20 June, it was a sunny and wonderful day, at 9:15 am I went to the Museum of Lincoln and I met Anthony and the rest of the group, then we went to the stores and we saw the job scheme and the distribution of tasks to staff in the tables to be aware of the tasks assigned to each employee and aware of the tasks that were completed and unfinished.  We also learned about the policy of the museum on classifying the type of pieces and the possibility of displaying them in the museum by putting tables showing them.

We also learned about the excavations, I have no idea before on the work of excavation and extraction of the pieces and how we can conserve them, and today, I learned how we can do the process of extracting the pieces in the right way and preserve them until they reach the stores. And photographing what is extracted with a radiation image to show damage places to know how to deal with it.

Today, even though I felt it was a short day, I enjoyed this day and my knowledge has increased about the archive, the excavations and the storage. And, if God willing, when I return to my country I’m going to convey what I have learned, and I’ll try to apply everything that I liked.

Salem Masoud