ITP 2012: Day 12 – Eunice Barminas

25th June 2012 happened to be the first day that all the ITP participants assembled at British Museum for the second part of our training. Introduction and orientation were given by British Museum officials in charge of the ITP.

This programme was first held in 2006 and from then, there have been annual improvements in the programme packaging. This programme is entirely sponsored by well-spirited individuals, corporate organizations and charitable trusts throughout the United Kingdom. This shows the much acquired commitment and involvement which British Museum has earned from the public through their hardwork in providing world-class museum service delivery.

The ITP is aimed at disseminating best practice at the British Museum and elsewhere in the UK. The use of the British Museum collections and staff to provide an environment for cross cultural dialogue and collaboration. To create, develop and enhance relationships for greater professional efficiency. A brief history of British museum stated that it was established in 1753 by Sir Hans Sloane at Montege House and donations of 71000 objects made. Presently the British Museum holds in trust the nation’s and the world’s collections of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. All 24 participants made their presentations and we are anxious to listen to Saleh’s and Akram’s from Libya and Palestine respectively on Friday.

Delivering my introductory presentation

ITP participants listening to my presentation

From these sessions I gained deeper insight into the workings of museums and other cultural heritage institutions in UK and other parts of the world.

Lunch with Julie Hudson and AOA group

Eunice Barminas, assistant chief museum education officer from national museum JOS, Plateau state, Nigeria