ITP 2012: Day 15 – Paul Michael

The participants of BM ITP and our hosts toured the Horniman Museum.

The ITP group in the Horniman Museum Conservatory

I got interested in these particular areas: Natural History Collections, teaching of subjects (science, geography and history), a garden that has edible and medicinal plants. The garden is used for teaching school children as learning outside the Museum (classroom); this makes the learners understand how a particular plant looks like e.g. ferns. The plants are given their common and scientific names.

Horniman Museum edible plants garden

Horniman Museum and my Museum both are of the same nature, simply they are based on people who were famous and did good things to their communities around them. These museums were started for the purpose of conserving the historical information of these people but were later turned into Museums.

In my Museum, we don’t have Natural History Collections as we thought we should be conserving the historical information of our leader, such subjects are not taught in our Museum. And we don’t have a garden where pupils can learn outside the Museum. When I will go back home I will persuade my Management team to initiate these things I have learnt at Horniman Museum in order to make our Museum a lovely one.

Paul Michael