ITP 2012: Day 17 – Makbule Ekici

Today was the first weekend in London and it was a relaxing day after a busy week. Most of the participants, Claire, Shezza and Ian went to Hampstead for tea with Frances Carey in the afternoon. When we reached Hampstead, which is located in north London, I felt a different relaxing atmosphere. While we were walking in the tree-lined streets with the smell of flowers, we saw The Wells and Camden Baths that was built in 1888 and The Wells Tavern. It was impressive for me because we still have same culture in my country, Turkey. The National Trust property and Keats House were other impressive buildings.

Hamstead Heath, London

We reached Frances’ house after a walk in Hamstead Heath Park. Frances and her husband’s hospitality was very kind and lovely. I felt as if I was in my house. All of the group had very kindly chats and tasted handmade cakes and deserts. I ate a traditional British scone for the first time and I loved it!

Afternoon tea with Frances Carey

It was very sad that Dai injured his wrist while playing football at the end of the day. Otherwise we had a fantastic time, enjoying warm chats on a warm day. Thank you for everything Frances and the other supporters.


Makbule Ekici