13 July 2012 – Abdel Rehim

After spending 10 days in Cardiff, I came back to London to complete my training in the British Museum. I met the other participants and we delivered presentations about our work. We took a tour in the Museum and learned about collections, storage (visiting the clocks and watches and Greek pottery stores), conservation and security.

 We visited the library of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, the papyrus room and the Department of Coins and Medals.

Alicja, Ren, Ma, Dai, Will, Halah and Abdel Rehim

 In the evening, we visited the London eye which was very interesting.

I particularly enjoyed our visit to the Horniman Museum, where we had lunch with the staff, and the opportunity to study the British Museum’s collection of sundials which was very important to me as it is my own area of research.

Sun dial from the BM’s collection

The ITP reception in the Wellcome Gallery on the 4thJuly was also a highlight for me.

ITP Reception